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Title Book one
"It is a refreshing change when a new author arrives, in any genre, who's creativity and storytelling take your breath away... but such is the case with Miles Allen's new debut novel 'The Walkers of Legend'. Miles Allen is the new kid on the block in Fiction Fantasy and, as with any debut, I expected his first novel to be a reasonable attempt, but nothing more - how wrong was I?

This is an excellently crafted first book, in a series that looks set to become something special in the literary world.
If the rest of his fantasy series are of this high standard then I see no reason why he shouldn't sit admirably in company the likes of Christopher Paolini (in terms of creativeness), rubbing shoulders with Raymond E Feist, who's work very much reminds me of Miles Allen's creative style.
The depth and subtlety of characterisation, inventive, pacey storytelling and epic detail make this a 'must have' on any and all Fiction Fantasy lover's wish list.
Watch this space, as I predict that we will see a whole lot more from this talented new writer... and I can't wait!"

"Had to get up at three in the morning to finish book in peace without the children disturbing me..... Can't wait for book no 2.

Hang on past first chapter,..will make sense later. Loved the twists and needed to read on 'till I had blurry eyes."

"You need to get past the first chapter but then the story really progresses. Having said that you need the first chapter to enable an understanding of the unfolding plot. I found I could not put this book down and followed the intriguing story of the different groups of characters as they where weaved in and around the main plot. Each time the author visited each group in turn you are left with that need to get to the next part of their story to see how it turns out. The world depicted by this story is unique and exciting and you gain a real empathy with the main characters who really do take on a life of their own both as individuals and as groups in an adventure together. I really like and was surprised by the way the magic is depicted and where it gets its energy, which is tremendously imaginative.

If you do nothing else this year - read this book and then like me be frustrated as you wait for the next one! "

Brilliant. Thoroughly enjoyable. Cleverly written with a depth that can't be easy to achieve in this genre. Excellent plot weaving that gives the book a satisfying end - yet leaves so much potential for the next book. Set to be a notable trilogy, I would recommend The Walkers of Legend to anyone. Intelligent escapism which you don't have to be a fantasy geek to appreciate. Miles better than some of the other recent fantasy publications.

"Once I had started reading Walkers of Legend I had a great deal of trouble putting the thing down! Having puchased it as on a whim, I was pleased with the depth and quality of the story line. Great value for money in my opinion and would say to anyone who has found this listing - buy it, buy it now!

Really looking forward to Miles' next book!"

“This is great.  From the first line I was hooked, an incredibly evocative first paragraph which took me straight into this world.  Tight writing, but enough enlightenment to explain this complex plot. Excellent.  A mighty fine book.”

A brilliant read, hard to put down, what a story and more to come - fabulous. Thank you Miles Allen!

"Multiple story threads link together to deliver the final plot ... leaving some un-answered questions. Each thread leaves you asking questions and peaking your interest as what will happen next.

The characters built in detail through the chapters providing more power to the story line ... and imagery projects more and more detailed pictures into your head. You find yourself feeling integrated into the story itself ... almost as if you are one of the characters.

Thoroughly enjoyable read ... looking forward to the next book."

"The Walkers of Legend is a terrific story it really stretches your imagination. It's exciting and has you wondering what's going to happen next. I couldn't put it down after a couple of chapters. I'm looking forward to book two."

"After a slightly slow start, The Walkers of Legend develops into a thoroughly satisfying fantasy quest. Although the characters generally represent well-trodden roles in fantasy novels - the naive hero, the dark lord, the giant fighter, the warrior princess, the morally ambiguous rogue - they are all well-rounded and I became quite fond of them all in the end. There's quite a bit of well-realised magic and I particularly liked a MacGuffin device that Allen uses to great effect. Once the book really gets into full swing, the various plot strands converge at a good pace and Allen maintains tension very well - you really feel the net closing in both on the heroes and the villains.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Walkers of Legend. I'd certainly be more than happy to read the second book in the series."

I was mesmerized by this fantastic account. The Walkers of Legend draws the reader into an epic work with a suspenseful plot. The synopsis alone leaves the reader wanting to know the ten-thousand year-old secret which will be revealed while the reader is engrossed in this stunning and original story. Well done.

Such an amazing book ... I haven't been engrossed in a new fantasy world for a while ... but I got my kindle and downloaded this book. This was an amazing read and I cannot wait for the next instalment. Thank you so much, it should be in top 10 on Amazon!!!.